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Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen

At Male Herb Supplements, we only offer the best. After reviewing various sources of pine pollen powder and tincture, we concluded that the team at Lost Empire Herbs are the Pine Pollen Experts!  Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen is wild-harvested and processed at minimum temperature to crack the cell wall of the pollen, producing a premium supplement that is over 99% digestible. Lost Empire backs up their products with a 365-day Money Back Guarantee. 

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Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Tincture, Powder & Capsules

An Incredible All-Natural Superfood that Increases Testosterone, DHEA & Hormone Levels*

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Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Powder is available in a 50 gram bag for $17.99 or 250 gram Megadose container for $74.99.  NEW! Pine Pollen Capsules 150 Count for $29.99 Note: The date stamped on the package is the packaging date, not expiration.

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Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Tincture is available in a 2 fluid ounce bottle with dropper for $29.99.  Note: Because of the powerful hormonal effects of the tincture, it is typically only recommended for males over 30 years of age.

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Lost Empire Herbs supplements and formulas are premium-grade and the only line of nutritional products that meet the superior quality standards at Male Herb Supplements.  Check out the full line of Lost Empire Herbs products including Pine Pollen Powder & Tincture, Pine Pollen Capsules, Tongkat Ali, Cistanche extract, Nettle Root, Horny Goat Weed, Shilajit resin & powder, He Shou Wu, Black Ant Extract, Mucuna Extract and special formulas like Thor’s Hammer Sexual Potency Formula, Men’s Hormone Package, Hercules Pre-workout & Titan Post-workout Formulas, Phoenix Formula and many more.  We invite you to check out herb and formula reviews to find out why customers keep coming back. Feel free to Contact us with any questions.  Get 15% Off your First Order Today!

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