Pine Pollen Capsules – Convenient & Effective

Pine Pollen Capsules

pine pollen capsules

Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Capsules are easy to take and effective! 150-count bottle – only $29.99 15% Off your First Order – Buy Now!

The team at Lost Empire Herbs recently announced the addition of pine pollen capsules as a third variation of the supplement.  The other variations include pine pollen powder, including Regular and Megadose, as well as tincture.  Lost Empire has become known as the Pine Pollen Experts and that is the reason it is the only brand sold at Male Herb Supplements.  To learn more about the MANY health benefits of pine pollen, read our blog article “Benefits of Pine Pollen – Testosterone – Nature’s Booster”.

The capsules were added as an option due to requests from customers wanting pine pollen pills.  Pine pollen powder and Megadose are still the most popular and economical option, but some customers have difficulty swallowing the powder due to its dry nature.  The new Lost Empire Herbs pine pollen capsules come in a 150 count glass jar.  This is also a convenient means of taking pine pollen powder for those that travel since the jar is easily packed in luggage.  It also makes it easy to take divided doses during the day when away from home since the jar can be packed in a backpack, gym bag or purse.

The suggested dosage is 3 capsules per day (this equates to .43 Grams per Capsule).  Some customers prefer megadosing for more potent effects.   You can also easily  Megadose with 11-22 capsules daily (this equates to 5 – 10 Grams).

How are Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Capsules Made?

As always, the Lost Empire Herbs team looks for the safest, most natural ingredients.  The ingredients of Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Capsules are as follows:

  • Non-irradiated, wild-harvested Pinus massoniana pollen
  • Organic Brown Rice Powder
  • Silica (Diatomaceous Earth)

The pine pollen pill capsule composition is:

  • 100% natural – not produced by chemical modification
  • vegan and animal-free
  • manufactured by natural fermentation of plant extracts
  • neither genetically modified nor pathogenic
  • well known in the pharmaceutical and food industry
  • non-allergenic
  • starch and gluten-free

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We invite you to check out the Lost Empire Herbs pine pollen options and decide which works best for you and your schedule.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions!

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