Lost Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali – What are the Benefits?

Lost Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali Extract by Superman Herbs

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Lost Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali Extract is packed with power!  At Male Herb Supplements, we have lots of inquiries from men asking about the benefits of tongkat ali and wondering if it really works to increase testosterone and energy levels.  For most men the answer is yes.   Tongkat Ali (also known as Longjack , Longjax or Eurycoma longifolia) has been found to be effective in raising male testosterone levels by up to 37% .

Restoring Testosterone Levels

It is believed it works to restore healthy testosterone levels by stimulating the release level of “free” testosterone from its binding hormone, sex-hormone-binding-globulin more so than actually increasing testosterone synthesis.  As a consequence, one study found that human supplementation resulted in reduced fatigue, heightened energy and enhanced mood, as well as a greater sense of well-being in subjects given tongkat ali extract during the trial testing period.[1]  Another point that is very noteworthy is that tongkat ali is believed to work through three critical mechanisms needed to ensure male hormonal health:  restores testosterone levels, lowers SHBG and has acts as an anti-estrogenic by lowering aromatase.  The results are quite amazing with minor possible side-effects that include increased body temperature, restlessness and minor aggressiveness–all related to increases in testosterone.  These typically subside after taking the herb for a while your body adjusts to increased testosterone levels.

What to Look for when Buying Tongkat Ali Extract: Dosage & More

If you do a Google search for “tongkat ali” or “eurycoma longifolia” or go to your local GNC, you will find many variations of the herb for sale and can easily become confused with sources, strengths and dosages.  Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing:

Water Soluble Extract

Be sure the product is a water-soluble extract of the Eurycoma longifolia roots. Many tongkat ali products are simply grounded roots.  The source should be from Malaysian wild trees that are 20-30 years old.

100 to 1 Formula

Ensure the product is at least a 100:1 formula. For most men, we recommend a 100 mg dosage 2 times a day.  The product label should also give instructions on “cycling”.  Our recommendation is to use tongkat ali for 5 days, then take 2 days off, and then continue to repeat this cycle.  Because the herb has strong hormonal effects, cycling keeps the body responsive and active in adjusting levels and avoids becoming “immune” to the supplement.

Tongkat Ali vs Sildenafil Citrate

It is important to buy from a reputable source such as Male Herb Supplements.  We only offer Lost Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali Extract (formerly Super Man Herbs) because it is highly potent and regularly tested for purity. Some tongkat ali products sold online have been tested and found to contain a close match to a drug containing sildenafil citrate, the active drug in Viagra.  Although the effects of sildenafil citrate can be desirable for some men, it can also be dangerous, even deadly to those with health conditions or recreational drug users.  The drug also does nothing to raise testosterone levels.

Most Effective Form: Lost Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali is High Potency

As with all supplements, the most effective means of consuming the herbs is in powder form, not in capsules or tablets.  Tongkat ali is very bitter, but you will only be taking a small 100 mg dose.  The best way to consume it is to use the small measuring spoon that is provided with our Lost Empire Herbs Tongkat Ali Extract powder and then immediately wash it down with a glass of water.  If you take other natural testosterone enhancement supplements such as cistanche, pine pollen and nettle root, it is best to take the tongkat ali dose first, wash it down with water then follow with the other herb doses.  This method quickly diminishes any bitter aftertaste.  Many men prefer to use our Thor’s Hammer Sexual Potency Formula that is a special blend of tongkat ali, cistanche, horny goat weed, mucuna and shilajit; this a very potent formula that increases testosterone and dopamine levels, enhances penile blood flow and nitric oxide, as well as controls PDE5.  If you have questions, we want to hear from you!  Just contact Michael for a prompt reply!

We welcome you to browse our full line of natural testosterone boosters and supplements if you are ready to increase your testosterone levels through natural herbal supplementation.

[1] Effect of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2013; 10: 28 Published online 2013 May 26

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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