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Looking for the top quality herbal supplement affiliate marketing program that works and pays can be a challenge for most health and wellness bloggers, online marketers and retailers. Well, look no further because Lost Empire Herbs affiliate program is the best out there!  If you do an online search for “top” and “best” affiliate programs, you will get lots of results and tons of ads from sites claiming to have the best plan. However, once you begin to research the programs, many lack in product quality, lack a decent commission plan, have substandard tracking software and have a questionable or downright poor reputation for customer service.

Become a Lost Empire Herbs Affiliate Today!
I’ve always had a passion for health, fitness, nutrition and supplements. I actually began Male Herb Supplements as a result of being a Lost Empire Herbs customer (known as  Super Man Herbs at the time).  As a vitamin and supplement consumer, I did extensive research on supplement companies and suppliers. In my book, it was a MUST to find a supplier that offers the highest quality herbs and supplements, and I’m not talking about your typical “mom and pop” multi-vitamin from Walgreens. I was looking for potent and effective herbs in their purest and most natural form. Then, I found Lost Empire Herbs. After reading many customer reviews, I placed my first order and upon receipt was immediately impressed with the quality and potency of the products. As they say, “the rest is history”. I became a regular customer and then later communicated with one of the owners about joining the team as an affiliate. That is when I started Male Herb Supplements and became a proud affiliate of Lost Empire Herbs.

Lost Empire Herbs Affiliate Program Commissions

• We offer the very best high-potency and effective herbs, mushrooms and formulas on the market. In addition, our products are affordable.  I am proud to offer only the BEST natural supplements to my customers!
• Lost Empire Herbs is a small, family-owned business—they know their affiliates by name, not an ID number. When you become an affiliate, you become part of the Team.
• Lost Empire’s customer service is outstanding! Review our HonesteOnline profile here.
• It is FREE to join as an affiliate and there is no required product purchase at any time. There is no need to keep products on hand—the company processes the order and ships fresh products to customers.
• Many vitamin and herb companies do not have affiliate programs and those that do only offer a measly 5-10% commission to affiliates. Lost Empire Herbs (formerly Super Man Herbs) affiliates earn 30% commission, in addition to LIFETIME commissions on reorders! The average order amount is $101.95. Commissions are paid via PayPal each month for previous month’s sales.
• The company uses Infusionsoft software that tracks by cookies, email and physical address to ensure affiliates get paid for all new and repeat orders. Once a customer enters the tracking system via your unique links, they will be linked to you for life!
• Also, if anyone signs up as an affiliate under you, you will also receive 5% second-tier commission on any customers they refer.
• Text links, page banners and email links are available directing your site visitors and customers to the home page or any individual products. You can share these links with friends, family, co-workers and others to recommend our products and get paid!

Join the Lost Empire Herbs Affiliate Program Today!

If you are an herbal, nutrition or fitness blogger, enthusiast or entrepreneur or own and operate a website, blog or social media platform, the Lost Empire Herbs affiliate program is the top one out there and you can feel confident and proud that you are offering the absolute best herbal supplements and formulas available. If you are looking for the top herbal supplement affiliate program that works and pays, look no further. Join Today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly respond.

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