Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

hercules pre-workout formula by super man herbs

Hercules Pre-Workout Formula is a natural, potent blend that’s Packed with a Punch! –Check it out Now!

Are you looking for a natural, highly effective workout formula without synthetic additives?  You just found it!  Hercules Pre-Workout Formula by Lost Empire Herbs is a specially formulated blend of potent herbs that pack a punch and give you the critical aid you are looking for to safely maximize your workout.

This well-balanced pre-workout formula is designed to boost muscular and bodybuilding development and recovery. The herbal blend contains Polyrhachis Ant Extract for before-workout energy, Cistanche for sustained performance during your session, along with Maral Root for after-workout enhanced recovery with niacin delivery.

Here is the list of ingredients in the proprietary blend of Hercules Pre-Workout Formula:

  • Polyrhachis Black Ant Extract –for energy.
  • Maral Root – aid in post-workout recovery.
  • Cistanche –a Yang Jing herb to help deliver the driving force during workout.
  • Cordyceps –reduces fatigue and increase oxygen.
  • Rhodiola -strongly effects the symptoms of stress-induced fatigue.
  • Shilajit -with 85 minerals, it keeps your body functioning properly.


Hercules Pre-Workout Formula -Quality & Customer Reviews

As with all herbs and formulas from Lost Empire Herbs, Hercules Pre-Workout Formula is premium quality with no artificial ingredients or additives -that means no fake colors, no added flavors -Nothing else!  We encourage you to read Customer Reviews on all Lost Empire Herbs and formulas.  We love hearing from our customers and learning about their experiences with our offerings.  Lost Empire Herbs is so confident you will experience the benefits of the products, they offer a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Dosage & Mixing Instructions

The recommended dosage of Hercules Formula is 1 teaspoon (up to 1 tablespoon) 15-30 minutes before your workout.  Mix into a glass of water (room temperature, not ice water) and drink.  Rinse glass with more water to ensure you consume the full dosage and leave no residual formula behind.

Hercules Pre-Workout Formula should be only be taken before your workout, not on break or rest days.



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