pine pollen powder (nutrition supplement)

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Aging is inevitable, but feeling old is optional. There are many factors that dictate how we really feel regardless of our physical age. Though we can’t control our genes, we can choose a healthy diet, exercise, meditation, and herb supplements to enhance our quality of life as we age.

When you travel the world and meet people that appear to have found the fountain of youth, they often tell you about a herb valued in their culture. The following will look at factors that contribute to aging and how you can use your own herbs to counteract each.

1. Hormone Production

Hormone production slows as we age. Herbs that mimic hormones such as testosterone will help us feel and perform young again. But it’s about more than just sexual performance; Hormones contribute to energy, muscle mass, joint health, sleep quality, metabolism, and memory, among other things. Those that use Chinese herbs to support hormone loss say they feel better, stronger, even look younger. The best herb to increase testosterone is Pine Pollen. Pine Pollen balances testosterone levels while increasing sexual performance, energy, strength, and a youthful feel.

2. Slowed Cell Division

As we get older the ability of the cells in our body to divide and produce new cells slows down and weakens. This results in a changing physical appearance and a decrease in energy, joint flexibility, and strength. Advanced nourishment is needed to support healthy and strong cells. Both a well-balanced diet and Chinese herb supplements will help nourish the body on a cellular level. Polyrachis Ant Extract is good choice to provide direct support and strength to your cells as well as a boost in energy.

3. Blood and Qi Deficiency

Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies Blood and Qi Deficiency as an imbalance that can affect us as we age. Qi (pronounced Chi) is an active quality that brings energy and warmth to the body and its organs to help it thrive. Symptoms of Blood and Qi Deficiency include insomnia, poor joint health, tight muscles, decreased energy, sensitivity to temperature changes, and dry skin. Polyrachis Ant Extract is the most powerful Qi tonic available. It balances a Blood and Qi deficiency while also boosting energy and strength.

4. Environmental Toxins

Exposure to environmental toxins such as pollution, food pesticides, and household chemicals can accelerate aging by causing cellular damage. The key is to eliminate these toxins so that the organs can function and cells can regenerate properly. Exercise, sauna use, and natural herb supplements rich in antioxidants can all aid in a healthy detox. Pine Pollen is a strong antioxidant in addition to its sexual and immune system enhancing qualities.

5. Poor Sleep

Adequate sleep is essential to help us feel healthy, energized, and prevent premature aging. Significant or chronic sleep deprivation has been proven to mimic the effects of several years of aging. But a good night’s rest isn’t always easy to come by, even for the young. If you have trouble sleeping, a healthy diet, exercise, meditation, and herbs can help.

6. Decreased Nutrient Absorption

Absorption of nutrients from our foods decreases as we age. So even if we eat the same well-balanced diet that we always have, we may not see the same results. Concentrated herbal supplements can help fill in the gaps in nutrition. Shilajit is a good choice to promote absorption of nutrients from food and other herbs while also increasing metabolism and providing anti-inflammatory effects.

7. Weakened Immune System

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Our immune systems do not stay strong and healthy forever. As they weaken we are more prone to catching
diseases that can make us feel horrible. The right herbs, adequate sleep and a healthy diet can help build your immune system up. He Shou Wu (also known as Polygonum multiform and Fo-ti) will support the immune system while it improves blood flow, increases sex drive, and provides and anti-aging effect.

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