Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Powder- Nature’s Erection Booster

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Cistanche Tubulosa extract, commonly known as “The Stalk Enlarger”,  has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries because of its potent sexual enhancement benefits for men. It has now gained popularity among herbalists worldwide.

History of Cistanche Herbal Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

For thousands of years, it has been used as an aphrodisiac and natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. Lots of men who regularly use the herb do so to boost sexual performance as well as gain a stronger, longer lasting erection. Many males report regular consumption causes their penis to hang fuller in its flaccid state.  This is a positive side effect likely caused by the herb’s impact on pelvic blood flow, as well as its warming effect.  It has also been known to provide more intense orgasms for both males and females.

Primary Ingredient in Cappra® Enhancement Supplement

Cistanche is one of the primary ingredients in Cappra® which is the top-selling male sexual enhancement supplement in Thailand.  It has been shown to aid with erectile dysfunction (ED) in a double-blind placebo-controlled study.[1]

Sexual Benefits of Cistanche

Chemical components found in the herb have been shown to dilate the blood vessels and thus increase blood circulation throughout the body. Blood flow is directly associated with the ability to get and maintain an erection.  Men experiencing erectile dysfunction, frequently referred to as ED,  often have deficient blood circulation in the penis. For many men, taking a combination of herbal supplements that improve circulation is often effective in treating ED.

The herbal supplement is also used to stimulate sperm production.  Scientific studies have reported a testosterone boosting effect, improvements in neurological function and stress reduction.  A 2015 study found it increased sperm count and motility by up to 2.7-fold and 1.4-fold, respectively. [2]

Where to Buy Cistanche Extract: Lost Empire Herbs brand

There are four commonly used types of this plant, Cistanche tubulosa, deserticola, salsa and sinensis. Their use and benefits are thought to be interchangeable. However, some herbalists believe cistanche tubulosa may contain higher levels of the active compounds present in other varieties. As with the purchase of all supplements, the source is key. At Male Herb Supplements, we only offer the most effective and potent herbs and formulas available. We invite you to check out our full line of male enhancement supplements.  The only cistanche tubulosa supplement that meets our high standards at Male Herb Supplements is  Lost Empire Herbs Cistanche Organic Dual Extract .  Our extract powder is organic, in its purest herb form, minimally processed without any preservatives or fillers.


[1] A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study of Cappra® for the treatment of mild or mild to moderate erectile dysfunction in Thai male.

[2] Cistanche tubulosa ethanol extract mediates rat sex hormone levels by induction of testicular steroidgenic enzymes.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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