Can you Boost Testosterone Naturally?

testosterone supplementsCan you boost testosterone naturally?  This is a question we receive many times every day at Male Herb Supplements.  In recent years, naturally declining testosterone levels in men as they age has become an openly discussed topic. This has led many men to search for ways to boost testosterone naturally. The side effects of low testosterone, also referred to as “Low T”, have become recognized and accepted as a real medical condition.  In the past, low energy and libido, sexual dysfunction, loss of lean muscle and increased body fat in the mid-section (a.k.a. “spare tire”) were all accepted as just part of the natural aging process and never addressed.  However, times have changed and now all you have to do is pick up a men’s health or fitness magazine and you will see a plethora of articles on the subject.  You have likely seen advertisements in magazines, television and online encouraging men to see their doctors for gels, creams, injections or even surgically-implanted pellets to boost testosterone levels.

Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Drugs

can your increase testosterone naturallyAs with any drug there can be serious negative side effects with these treatments, including acne, sleep apnea, breast enlargement, decreased testicular size, increased risk of blood clots, increased aggression and mood swings, and in some cases  an increased risk of heart attack and strokes.  In the past few years, there have been many class-action lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for claims of death, stroke and heart attacks associated with their hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs.

A close friend of mine considered testosterone replacement therapy last year and told me when he read the required disclosures at the doctor’s office outlining the risks involved with the treatment, he got up and walked out.  Ironically, later that evening when he and his wife were watching the evening news, he said a commercial came on from a national law firm instructing men that have been harmed from testosterone replacement drugs to contact them.  As he said, talk about timing!

Boost Testosterone Naturally with Herbs

This leaves many men wondering if testosterone levels can be raised naturally through the use of supplements and herbs.  For most men, the answer is “yes”.  As with any remedy, whether natural or synthetic, it’s not a one size fits all fix and usually takes some time, research, patience and self-experimentation to find the right supplement or herbal combination that works best for you.  We must keep in mind that we are all “wired” differently and it may take some adjustments to get it right.  Another very important key to successful results is to find safe, high-quality and potent herbs and herbal blends.  When I say potent, I’m talking about the “real deal”– herbs and blends that are just that, 100% herbs without fillers or additives.  So, that means I’m not referring to supplements you buy off the shelf at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, or even the mega vitamin retail stores.  Many of those products have been processed and standardized to the point they have little of the real whole herb left and are therefore ineffective.  In lots of cases, you would have to take handfuls of those products at a time to get any real effect at all.  That said, it is vital to buy your herbal supplements from a reputable source.  At Male Herb Supplements, we specialize in male herbal supplementation and are a proudly affiliated with the Super Man Herbs team of experts.

boost testosterone naturally

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Below are herbs that have been linked to boost testosterone naturally:

Another consideration is to try a properly formulated combination of herbs such as Super Man Herbs Thor’s Hammer Sexual Potency Formula.  This formula also includes herbs that are used to aid in male libido and erectile function.

Remember, the key is to get 100% herb in its natural form when it comes to purchasing supplements.  Quality, potency, proper dosage with minimal processing is critical…without any one of these, you will be wasting your money.   We will discuss the attributes, side effect and research of each herb and herbal combination in upcoming blog posts…stay tuned!  If you have questions about how to boost testosterone naturally or need recommendations, please feel free to email Michael at


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